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“Harumeki” cherry Bliossom Festival information

It gets more like spring and a cherry tree of the eary blooming is full bloom in Minamiashigara-city.

The festival of the cherry tree is held.

On the date      March16(sta)  March(sun)

Meeting place   “harukimichi & Shiawasemichi

Acess  Change to Izahakone Railway Daiyuzan line from Odawara Station.

Fuji-film Mae Station(a walk of one to two minutes from this station)


On the date  March 16(sta)  March 17(sun)

Meeting place  “Ichinoseki  Harane”

Access   Change to Odakyu Railway from Shinmatsuda Station.

Transfer for Hakone Tozan bus Sekimoto. Ten minutes

walk from Ashigara-koko mae bus stop of the Hakone Tozn Bus.